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The Search Engine's Webmaster Tools

There are two methods for submitting sites to search engines.  The first is to use the "Ping URL" for the particular search engine.  Each of the search engine's Ping URL is different and it may take some searches on their site to find it.  Basically you provide them with your site through a URL and that lets them know it has been updated and it should be crawled again using their autmated crawlers.

The second method is to use their Webmaster Tools.  Google, Yahoo, and Bing have them.  This method is more feedback driven than using the Ping URL and preferred way to submit your site.

The Bing Webmaster site is at

The Google Webmaster site is at

The Yahoo Webmaster toos are at

In each case you will need to setup an account.  Once your account is online, you submit a site using your URL and you must be validated as the owner of the site.  This can be accomplished either by adding a specific meta tag or a html file in your root directory.

The best thing about submitting your sites this way is that you can get feedback on your submission.  Each of them will tell you of problems with crawling your site, sitemap errors, number of files successfully indexed, and more.

These resources are a free and valueable tool to use to enhance your site's visibility on the web.

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