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Why do I need website statistics?

Web logging is an essential part of owning a website.  With website logs and appropriate analysis software, you can determine where your visitors come from, how long they stay, and where they go to when they leave your site.  It gives you a picture of your visitors patterns as they traverse the site.  In addition, it shows errors that may occur in your site.  It can also be used as a historical record of visitor traffic over a specific period of time.

With web statistics you can analyze the portions of your site to see how well they are performing with relation to the traffic that visits your site.  You can track where traffic originated from, follow it through each of the pages they visit in your site and see which page was the one that sent the visitor to another site.

Even the best web developers make mistakes.  Web statistics record each time a page is requested that is not found and also when a page is requested, but another one is provided in response (redirected web page).  This can occur on purpose or by accident.  Using the web statistics allows you to determine if this was the intended consiquence or on accident allowing you to fix problems before they can drive away customers.

If by chance your site is hacked by a person or group with malicious intent, the web statistics will give you valuable clues as to where the are located and how to find them.

Web statistics are essential to hosting a web site.  They provide valuable insight into the traffic that visits your site and allows for the historical record of visitor traffic to your site.


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