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Create and upload your web site's files
There are many tools available to create your website from free to very costly. 
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How do I put my files into my public_html or www directory?
The easiest method is to use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program to upload your files from...
Views: 534
I uploaded my files and I still see a page titled "Congratulations", help!
The order that the server will look for a default page is: index.html, index.htm,...
Views: 517
What is cPanel?
cPanel is the installed control panel for our clients web hosting account.  It provides a...
Views: 552
What is Fantastico?
Fantastico is an script autoinstaller that is provided for each of our clients.  It allows...
Views: 597
What is the full path to my public_html?
The full path to your public_html directory is /home/[account name]/public_html where...
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What scripting languages can I use?
Our servers are preconfigured for the following languages: Perl PHP RubyGems Ruby On Rails...
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Where do I put my website's files?
When accessing your account, in your root directory are two areas where you can put your...
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Why do I see a home page on my site titled "Congratulations"?
When your account is first setup, this file is copied into your public_html directory to serve as...
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